Innovation is critical, but ultimately, brands need to land culturally, and a considerable part of that is how language adopts and uses the brand as much as how the solution itself performs. For startups or scale-ups, services that rely on interaction, ensure your brand can “verb” as it may mean the critical difference. After all, your customers won’t search for you, or even “Bing” you; they’ll Google you.

There is a very familiar powerplay at work, and we see it everywhere. A play that happens when culture starts to tip, on mass, towards a new paradigm. From homeworking to sustainable…

Sometime in 2006, I was asked the question, a now-famous meme, “Are you a Pirate? Or a Ninja?”. The idea being that you saw yourself as one or the other, that one would win in a fight etc… Pirates were loud, infectious, challengers of the status quo and hell, loved a good party. Ninja’s were stealthy, deadly, assassins and dressed exclusively in black and were just cool. Hmmm, as a trained designer the ninja tag appealed, but as an entrepreneur and creative director, it had to be the Pirate. …

The current future-gazing that much of the investor, consultant, design, engineering and strategy businesses are engaged in is interesting if somewhat vexing. You’ve probably seen the headlines and Linkedin posts “The Post-Covid universe” “The great reset!” etc. But sadly my fear is it will mostly amount to business as usual. As soon as the budgets get defrosted, and organisations realise they have to do something rather than just stop, things will attempt to get back to “normal”.

That said, one of the many useful descriptors from the future gazers has come from the Investment community, which described the current environment…

Mike Bennett

CEO TheCltr

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